Introducing OBridge

OBridge generates standard Java source code for calling PL/SQL stored procedures and functions.
OBridge integrates easily to your Java development workflow.

Simple configuration

OBridge uses a simple XML configuration file. It contains the connection data and the target folder for source files. Integrates easily with maven projects, or anything else.

Faster development cycle

Avoid writing wrapper and converter methods for calling PL/SQL procedures from Java.
Change any SP or type and regenerate the Java sources.

Standard code

Generated code is not using any 3rd party dependencies.
Just clean, human readable JDBC.
Can be compiled with Java 6 and over.

Save money

Source code generation saves time and money. Developers won't have to deal with repetitive work.

Getting started

Short description about how to use OBridge

Current Release

On The Internet

SIB Visions Blog – Use OBridge together with JVx

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